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Music “Production”

Hate that word: “Production”

As if we are in manufacturing…

The key to music “production” is bringing the artist forward – out of the musician or the singer. Everyone – and I mean everyone – has an artist within. But the key is mutually deciding what that artist stands for, who they are, what their unique voice and message is, and manifesting that in sound and presentation. That’s what makes a great artist and a great recording that is natural, unforced and powerful emotionally. And that is what creates a market and an audience. Anything short of that, makes no sense to put effort into.

I have been producing singers and musicians since the early 1990’s. During that time, I’ve been fortunate to be entrusted with the recording and direction for some extraordinary artists. A few examples are presented below:

Ester Nicholson – Child Above the Sun

Make Me Stronger

Charles Holt – I Am


JD Martin – One Heart


Georg Faust & Ben Dowling – Human

Human Front Cover

Ben Dowling – World Rising

The Calling

Ben Dowling – The Path of Peace