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Thanks for showing up to my website!

I’m very proud to present my award-winning, spatial piano:
“The Path of Peace 360”
Now in an immersive, 360 degree space—even through headphones!

To check it out: Click Below!Listen to Immersive Piano in 360 Degrees

From the artist…

I like simplicity, elegant harmony, transcendent melody, groove. I like efficient code, minimalistic design, excellence embodied in form. I honor all people, all colors, all Nations.

I love projects that are bigger than just me. I love teams, bands and people searching for something greater. I love boiling that down into it’s essential juice and sipping it slowly.

I am the piano player. I’m a rhythm section guy, giving it all to make the whole music work. Everything I do: composing, playing, producing, product design, synthesis programming, has all taken place to serve the creative whole. I try to operate at the highest frequency I can and do good work – regardless of the form I’m working in.

I desire to see a state change in the world, and that commitment is hopefully reflected in the work I do and – at my best – in the life I live.

That’s basically it.

Ben Dowling (2020)