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Making Way for New Music

A change in focus…

My Friends,

First of all, I am hoping that this note finds you and your family healthy and surviving these difficult times. I am constantly reminded how fortunate I am that my family and I have been—so far—untouched by this terrible pandemic. But too many of my brothers and sisters have been impacted in both health and economy. I take this moment to remember and honor their sacrifice and amplify any healing energy that I can send.

Like you, the pandemic has provided a space for re-thinking my life, my art and my commitments to what is truly important. I’ve come to recognize that music and art is the lifeblood of our culture, and the necessary ingredient for our collective healing.

For many years, I’ve asked a specific question of any artist that I was producing, which was: 

“What is it that only you can say?”

Because every artist has a responsibility to present their point of view, and my claim is that every human being has something unique to offer to the world.

And so, given that I have embarked on my own artistic path, I have had to turn that lens around and ask that question of myself. 

It is proving to be a process, not a destination.

Part of the answer lies in the fact that I have become expert as a pianist, as a synthesist, as a producer and as a composer. For many years, my musical presentations have been a parsing of one of these channels. 

But my artistic voice really should encompass all of them.


my voice.

And that is really challenging for me! As a rhythm section guy, I was always a part of something that supported the music. As a producer and composer, I worked behind the scenes. As an accompanist, there was someone else who was stepping forward, so I didn’t have to.

But now, I have to step forth and be accountable to the voice I have been given. Even in the presence of truly great singers that have graced my musical life.

That is really hard for me.

I bring all this up, because I need to build a small supportive community around this project of artistic “becoming,” so I’m inviting you to confirm your interest in joining me on this journey.  

If you want to participate, I ask that you confirm your interest by clicking here, so that only those who want to be on the trip are on board to receive future emails about the new music.

I can promise it is going to be really interesting. I have some terrific songs to present that I am really proud of. And a unique process that is swiftly unfolding. If feels like a logjam has broken.

I’m planning to launch this music in a way that will reach a lot of people and provide an inner view of how this is created and presented to the world.

But I need your support and your help. Nothing earth shattering. Just simple support: sharing your input, following me on Spotify, signing up for pre-releases, social media likes and such…

That kind of thing.

So if you’re interested, please confirm by clicking this link. I want an enthused group of interested friends for this little exploration. We are going to build from there.

Like I said, it is going to be REALLY INTERESTING.

Above all, thanks for your friendship—whatever you decide. I send warm blessings your way, as we build something that can affect a state change in the world.

It is so time!

In peace and blessing,

Ben Dowling