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Contemplative Piano by Benjamin Dowling


I’ve always been interested in music that creates a space that is conducive to contemplation, sensitivity and heartfulness. I am honored that so many have accepted “Ahimsa” as a tool for creating such a space in their lives – for personal healing and processing, for Yoga, for meditative practice, and for breaking down barriers that appear to keep us apart.

“Ahimsa” is the Sanscrit term for “harmlessness.” Gandhi used the term referring to the spiritual path of nonviolence. As someone who has always been inspired by Gandhi and King’s example, I felt that this word and concept was consistent with the intent and character of the music. It is peaceful, while it is thought provoking. It is interesting melodically and harmonically, while creating a very peaceful feeling tone.

I am someone who believes that music is a possible way to create peace in a real and practical way. Music is capable of shifting our state of mind faster than any other mode of communication. So this is my little contribution to creating a peaceful space in your personal life. I am hopeful that this sense of peace can extend to everyone you come in contact with. Wouldn’t that be an extraordinary outcome?

May your life dance in graceful, loving kindness.

Namaste, Ben Dowling

(Ahimsa was later included in The Path of Peace project)

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