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Human – Georg Faust & Ben Dowling

Releasing the Strings of the Heart

Human – Improvisations by Georg Faust, campanula cello • Ben Dowling, piano

The project was so unlikely from the start. Two musicians from different worlds met on a flight to
Norway. A renowned orchestra traveled to California, allowing for a spontaneous recording session. Call it extraordinary serendipity. Human is a collection of improvisations from Berlin Philharmonic principal cellist Georg Faust and jazz pianist Ben Dowling. It is a magnificent celebration of heart within an ocean of understanding. It is healing music of profound sensitivity and gentle touch.

The sound of the cello is unique. Its human vocal range, combined with deep urgency of feeling,
gives it a singular sound of elegance, heart and beauty. Suspending cello heart-strings within the airy and welcoming embrace of the grand piano makes for a sublime and mystical ensemble.

In an era when technology has dehumanized our interactions, Human stands in direct contrast—a connection that is only possible with two people in the same place at the same time. Using wood,
string, space and air, this virtuoso duo celebrates the creative flow that can happen in the inspired moment.

The connection, the music, the album. Was it likely? No. Was it meant to be? Oh, very, yes. Providential.

Immerse yourself in these shimmering, healing waters and let your heart sing.

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