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Spiral the Musical

Spiral the Musical is the story of a girl—who has struggled with the memory of her late mother and long-absent father—discovering why she is alive and why her life has meaning and purpose.

Set in the Amazon rainforest, the girl, Camaya, is sent an anonymous letter and plane ticket following her graduation from college. She assumes that the invitation came from her emotionally-distant father Norbert, who is in the throes of a huge dam project and fierce struggle with the local tribe over the planned flooding of their homeland.

The local tribe, Northern environmentalists and a group of physicists are actively exploring a scientific breakthrough that traces the mysterious energy they have measured in the forest. They are on the cusp of a major announcement and conducting a large-scale experiment using the power of the forest coupled with a global network of followers. With people-power, ancient forest wisdom and against all odds, they commit to discovering the forest’s secret and preserving their way of life.

Thrust into the escalating conflict, Camaya must decide which path to take—to collaborate with her father or follow in the footsteps of her dead mother—and use her emergent mystical gift, determining her own fate and the future of the forest.

Spiral is a timely story about our own future: showing that the evolution of the human spirit will always find a way and how each of us—as Camaya ultimately learns—hold the destiny of life and the planet in our hands.